Channeled Message from Jesus,

“ I actually did have thoughts as I entered this planet. I thought, how will I relate to my new environment and my parents and siblings and am I up to this task?

You have no idea what that is like to remember because you are not given that opportunity. What I would like to share, Rita, is that, wow actually so many things. .. Yes, you came here as a choice, never doubt this and your source energy never leaves you. I came here based on a calling of humanity.

The ask and it is…

I wish for you to know everything on your planet is unfolding perfectly. The world moves in divine order. Relax and go towards the things that resonate with you. Play more and relax, beautiful things come to you when you are in this space.

What questions do you have for me?

The big one that intrigues all is that I did not die by the hands of the Romans. I was there and at the last supper everything took place as you have imagined it but I was able to heal myself and leave with my family. I would like…

This sense of service needs to be funneled in a way that not only feels good to you but that takes you into a better place.

Brenda feels good mostly because others praise her. It doesn’t mean that it is all bad but, has it allowed her to be healthy and happy? no

The answer to these questions always needs to be seen in the current evidence. Thriving and happiness are reflections of the body every time.

  • - Guidance in my Akashic Records when I asked about Service and Volunteering, Rita Lorraine Carey.

Death is a tricky guest.

We all know it is coming and sometimes it feels welcomed until it comes and leaves with a life force of noticeable absence that stills the soul

and makes us long to touch and feel that life force again.

What would you have us do ?

We weep, We ache, We sob, We don’t like the feeling of the absence.

Did we belong to that soul? Did that soul belong to us?

Is it the absence of belonging with the other that can shake us to the ground?

Is it the sense of Knowing the…

I just got back from a phenomenal cruise around the Polynesian islands with a group of Soul Friends and fellow Divine Co-creators who follow Mike Dooley, Notes from the Universe, Divine Co-creator, Infinite Possibilities Writer and Teacher AND his brother Andy Dooley, Writer, Divine Co-creator, Coach, Speaker .. It was very surreal. Our every need was met perfectly by the staff on the Paul Gauguin ship, the islands were beyond gorgeous and they provided a place to really disconnect from the outside world. The people in our group were loving, kind, thoughtful, intelligent and there to learn and enjoy themselves…

transitioning the body looks hard but it is easy. you needed help coming into the body through energy you were connected to but not in total control over. your departure from the body is you and nothing more.

grief has a silent whisper that seems to appear in our most vulnerable moments because we think of grief as a negative emotion. embracing and engaging grief from a place of more firm footing transitions the grip of energies that can keep you from experiencing unconditional happiness.

embracing that energy on your own terms allows it to move from your field. the…

In an instant I felt every cell move into a lightness filled with light as I was suddenly experiencing the most intense and beautiful love I can’t even describe ever having felt before. It felt like a lifting but grounded and saturated in deep peace beyond description. Did I worry about your feelings, I must confess no because in this space the essence of love and joy is all I can experience. You want to know if it hurt? Oh, the contrary. Time has been suspended and that is not an easy thing to share in words. You ask can…

The final days. As I lie here in my airbnb in northern Scottsdale an image and an experience comes to me with my Mom. First we are talking about air and breathing, I have just gotten back from northern Sedona where the air is crisp and clean. My Mom was with me three years ago in the exact places I went today. My Mom transitioned / passed this past July 2016. I have done a lot of focused intentional grief work while tying to see her whole and in an amazing place which she is. I feel very connected to…

One of my goals this year has been to practice manifesting from feeling states. On a recent trip to Vietnam I had an opportunity to practice what I have been trying to lean into.

I purchased two art paintings in Hoi An from a Picasso & Gaugin style artist. I promptly lost them at the airport on my way to Nha Trang. It was my first trip after purchasing them and the whole exchange on the purchase had been fun and beautiful. They had taken a lot of time to roll each one and place them in their own narrow…

Mastery is not difficult, Go inside and observe things through a child’s eyes. Seeing everything as a new mystery to be revealed. Step back from trying to control or force outcomes. Step into the flow of knowing everything is as it should be.

What if we see suffering ? You attend to it like a child would, you comfort and care. You invite spirit or the unknown to wrap themselves around this child of the father and give this child of the father whatever it needs to feel better. No need to ask the Why’s, be as a child would…

Rita Lorraine Carey

Chief Alchemist, Shine Your Inner Light . Com|Energy Entrepreneur|Channeler|Akashic Record Accessor/ Teacher|Writer|Fun Advocate

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