A Message at Easter

Let’s Begin

The last supper. You have been told a lot about this event. They even created a painting to depict what happened and narrated stories of betrayal and love in them.

What has been written of that night is mostly true. There was a period of sadness as my friends and family contemplated the last moments to touch and hold me and laugh with me. Yes, I had a plan to survive but to protect them I did not share it. I took time to observe their faces and connect with their energy. I let every cell of mine speak to the wholeness and perfection in them. I wanted them to embody their own amazing energy and mine. I like the merging of energy this way. We called energy something different than the way you refer to it.

I wanted them to know and feel that life force never ends, never ends and we can always recall and be with the essence of anyone especially those that we have known in the flesh.

The father is the soul energy that you all emanate and have access to. The father walks with and moves with you always. There is never a separation; your ability to own your perfection is in knowing that you are so much more than you see. Rita and Shaison and Liz’s film will reveal more of this to you, it is a beautiful revelation.

I did not die in the sense you feel on that fateful day at the hands of the Romans who were afraid of losing their control and power. What was decided on that day was that there would be a full movement towards remembering and owning your perfection and eternalness.

Celebrate the knowing that there is no death the way you have been taught and that you don’t need any outside forces to own your perfection and wholeness or holiness (see and own the perfection of you). You walk with the Creator — Father — Source every day. Carry your head high in this knowing. Yes, there is no degeneration, there is only regeneration and eternal life.

Don’t be sad because through any death there is the proof of eternal life.

Decide every day to embrace joyful things and let that passion bring you to new and wonderful experiences. You have the keys; look for the energy and wonder and fun and happiness around you, ask your non-physical invisible self to help you. Engage with that energy around you every day, ask from an appreciative heart and smile.

I am always with you along with a wonderful support system that includes the father — source — el shaddai — god — love..

Love is the universal name for this intrinsic knowing power. Love more and find the things that make you smile and relish them.

For now we are complete -

4–16–2022 channeling with Jesus and the Collective (Consciousness) by Rita L Carey

Shine Your Inner Light: www.SHINEYOURINNERLIGHT.com



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Rita Lorraine Carey

Akashic Records Teacher, Akashic Channeler, Writer, Vlogger Filmmaker, Crystal Enthusiast, Energy Entrepreneur, Independent BEMER Distributor