Death is a tricky guest.

We all know it is coming and sometimes it feels welcomed until it comes and leaves with a life force of noticeable absence that stills the soul

and makes us long to touch and feel that life force again.

What would you have us do ?

We weep, We ache, We sob, We don’t like the feeling of the absence.

Did we belong to that soul? Did that soul belong to us?

Is it the absence of belonging with the other that can shake us to the ground?

Is it the sense of Knowing the other and the feeling of feeling Unknown or Known.

Why is being Known such a precious feeling?

Is it Always the Belonging that warms us like a heavy blanket on a cold night.?

We desire so much and so little from each other as independence is the hallmark of heathy relationships.

Is this true?

Or is it the energy of the independence that makes it feel healthy.

Do we invite this guest or shun this guest, Death?

Is it the energy in the independence of this guest, Death, that makes the difference or

is it in the needing to belong. Or the sense of knowing the other.

Death is a tricky guest.

Rita Lorraine Carey,

Chief Alchemist, Shine Your Inner Light . Com|Energy Entrepreneur|Channeler|Akashic Record Accessor/ Teacher|Writer|Fun Advocate